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ORIGINAL hand drawn illustration by Faye Halliday


Pigment pen and colored pencil on bristol board, 35 x 43 cm.


50% of £5,555 (£2,777.50) will go to Lion Guardians, an amazing charity working to maintain the population of lions across Africa.


For more information:


This piece took a total of 70 hours and was referenced from a photo taken by Faye in Tanzania. Completed in October 2015.


Official limited edition sold out.


Hundreds of copies sold, recreated and tattooed around the world.


This is a listing for the ORIGINAL piece of artwork.


Signed by the artist with a certificate of authenticity.


Please note: Will be shipped by October 10th, 2022. 


Tracked postage with INSURANCE.


  • Representing a feeling of peace, Amana is here to remind you to slow down when you're in a position of becoming overwhelmed by a situation, putting you in a more loving, grounded position to face the challenge with more clarity. A lot of the time, we habitually look to our external circumstances to gift us the inner calm we’re looking for, forgetting that peace isn’t a destination to be found in our external circumstances, but is something that is available to us in every moment. Instead of working from the outside in, look to cultivate the peace within you and watch as it is reflected

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