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ORIGINAL hand drawn illustration by Faye Halliday


Pigment pen and colored pencil on bristol board, 28 x 42 cm.


50% of £3,333 (£1,666.50) will go to Elephant voices, a truly incredible charity working to secure a kinder future for elephants.


For more information:


This piece took a total of 50 hours and was completed in March 2014 .


Official limited edition sold out.


Hundreds of copies sold, recreated and tattooed around the world. 


This is a listing for the ORIGINAL piece of artwork.


Signed by the artist with a certificate of authenticity.


Please note: Will be shipped by October 10th, 2022. 


If you are based in England, this piece will be HAND DELIVERED by Faye. 


Tracked postage with INSURANCE.

Haathi 2.0 ORIGINAL

  • Haathi is a call to nurture the soul in staying true to our path and the whispers of our hearts. At times, we can easily change direction in the midst of comparing to others or catering to what people think. Much like the idea of beauty, each path is completely unique to the individual and the most fulfilling thing we can do whilst we’re here is have the courage to stay true to our own. Haathi asks you to tune into the beautifully unique wisdom of your soul and find the inner compass waiting to lead you to your highest joy. The key lies waiting in the centre of our hearts.

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