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Protect The Animals

At least 10% of all profits goes towards helping and protecting the beautiful animals that have inspired this work.

help to protect the animals that have inspired the art with every purchase

If you're here reading this because you've felt drawn to my work at some point, the chances are you love animals as much as I do.


All over the world, these precious creatures are being captured, enslaved, killed, abused, having their habitats destroyed... All at the hands of humans. As they aren't able to speak for or protect themselves, it falls in the hands of us animal lovers to do what we can to help, whether it's raising awareness or supporting our favourite organisations.

These drawings and the animals that have inspired them have given me so much of the years, it only feels right that these pieces become a way to give back to them.


At least 10% of the profits from every purchase will be shared between two organisations that have deeply touched my heart in some way. You can read about below, along with links for you to donate directly.



This is something very near and dear to my heart. Years ago when I took my first trip to Mexico, I was faced with the deeply disturbing realities of dolphin captivity. Realising that almost every hotel had their own private dolphin, kept in a swimming pool for the tourists to take photos with, I found it difficult to enjoy the trip - all I saw was slavery everywhere.


It's especially disturbing because dolphins are considered to be one of the most intelligent animals in the world... Could you imagine being kept alone in a tank for the whole of your life? Yet for thousands of these beautiful, highly social and empathetic creatures, all they've known is captivity and isolation, enslaved into performing for human entertainment.

For the past 50 years, The Dolphin Project have been leaders in protecting these beautiful creatures, with a clear mission to end the exploitation and slaughter of dolphins. They've raised worldwide awareness around the dolphin slaughter in Taiji, Japan through the movie "The Cove", they've shut down the travelling dolphin circus in Indonesia and continue to bring awareness to the cruelties of dolphin captivity.


As a part of their mission, they not only work to put a permanent end to dolphin captivity and slaughtering, but they also actively rehabilitate captive dolphins for retirement and/or release in their Dolphin Sanctuary Project.

Elephant Haven

When I first moved to Thailand, my heart was constantly broken witnessing the depth of abuse happening in the elephant tourism space.

Elephants are wild and gloriously dangerous beasts. In order to get them to a point where they're domesticated enough to safely interact with humans, they're taken as a baby and put through something known as "Phajaan" or "elephant crushing" - the process of crushing of an elephant's spirit.


Almost every day, I have to drive past an "elephant camp" where these glorious creatures are chained up in the sun all day long, waiting for the next tourist to come along and either feed them a banana in exchange for tricks or have a saddle strapped to their back so they could ride them through the jungle. Condemned to a life of slavery and torture.

The elephant haven your money will be going to is a true sanctuary... Where traumatised elephants are given a safe space to heal and live the rest of their lives out in nature, in peace and dignity. They're given beautiful food, lands to freely roam on, toys to play with and are even given massages to soothe their injured joints from years of carrying people on their backs all day. Best of all, they're not required to interact with tourists at all. They're free beings.

I'm waiting to hear back from the sanctuary to see if I can have permission to use their name here.

Until then, your money will still go to them regardless.

Our Haathi yoga mat is now called the "Haathi Haven" mat - and 50% of the profits will go towards buying the elephants a big cake with your name on it, made out of fruits and all of their favourite things. You'll even be sent a video of the elephants munching away at it.

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