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Firstly, I'm feeling so deeply inspired, happy and honoured to dig deep into the treasures of my heart and create a custom piece, just for you.


This will be a custom piece made just for you, inspired by you, in honour of you.


Therefore, I invite you to send me whatever you feel translates to me what you'd like to receive. A photo... A prompt... A quote... Even better, the story of why you'd like to get this piece made.


Maybe you have a pet you want to honour through art...

A favourite animal...

A tattoo idea stirring in your imagination...

Or maybe you just want a beautiful, original piece of art!


You are welcome to give me as little or as much direction as you want.

You are even welcome to tell me to just create something from my heart, for you, especially for you, with no idea of the outcome.




If you're considering being one of these three,


Here are the practical things you need to know:


- The piece will be made in A4 size on 250gsm paper

- Nothing too complex, ideally one subject matter, possibly two.

- We'll hop on a call to discuss the idea first, I'll send you a mock up and once that's approved, finish your piece and mail it to you.

- If after the discussion call we're not able to settle on an idea, you'll be given a full refund and your place will be open for someone else.

- Please allow up to 3 months for your piece to be finished and mailed.

- This is for personal use only, with no authorisation for reprinting/commercial use.


Please note: This is a gift from my heart to yours, intentionally offered at a very affordable price. So to make it clear from the beginning... This won't be a process of adjusting or having changes made to the piece if you're not fully happy with it, or it wasn't what you were expecting. Once it's finished, this will be your final gift that has been truly made and created with so much love. When I dive into creation, I go deep... I ask you to respect the process and what comes out of that.


I'm so excited to connect and co create with you, for you....!!!


All my love,


Custom Creation, from my heart to yours

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