Please note: This is a preorder and the yoga mats will be ready to be shipped mid January. There is a possibility they may be ready to send sooner and in this case you'll be notified by email.


Golden Ticket: We were hoping to have these ready to send in time for Christmas, but unfortunately due to circumstances outside of our control it looks like this won't be possible. So we have created a beautiful "Golden Ticket" designed by Faye, that can be given on Christmas day, letting your loved one know they have one of these precious mats coming to them the following month. 


Luxury Yoga Mats by Faye Halliday


A note from the artist:


“After almost 4 years of exploring different suppliers and perfecting the designs, I feel very proud to finally share this series of yoga mats with you. I call them yoga mats, only because I couldn’t find a word to encompass everything they’ve brought to my space. Alongside using them for all kinds of exercise, they’ve been hung on my walls as beautiful tapestries, combined with rugs to create a stunning entrance to my home and, above all, used to create a sacred space to be with myself. Whatever it is you feel to use them for, it’s my hope and intention that they bring you as much joy and inspiration as they’ve brought me.”


- Dimensions: 1730 x 610 mm


- Soft, suede-like surface


- Thick 4mm rubber base for extra comfort


- Made from eco-conscious materials: 99% natural (biodegradable) rubber and 1% polyester. 100% PVC free.


- Long lasting and highly durable.


- Designed to grip the more you sweat


- Ideal for all forms of exercise, not just yoga.


- Hand or machine washable on cold, delicate with no spin setting. 


- Air dry - do not place in the dryer.


  • Heaven on earth is waiting for us to relax into our hearts, let go of the burdens we hold onto and wake up from the dream of stress. With the business of modern day living, it's important to take moments to retreat from the noise and return to our centre. Inspired by the changing ferns, Fenora acts as a reminder to do so by spending more time in the loving arms of Mother Nature. Remembering that as we deepen the connection with Her, so we deepen the connection with ourselves. Receive the uncondtional healing she has to offer and allow any worries you carry to melt into the earth.

    Fenora's greens have been infused with sun-like patterns and golden yellows that evoke the feeling of its warmth, bringing earth and sky together, reminding us of the infinite and unconditional sources of nourishment we have available to us.